Oyamel’s Day of the Dead Festival

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Posted Oct 04, 2013

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Oyamel's Day of the Dead Festival


Come to Oyamel to celebrate the “Dia de los Muertos,” an ancient Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead and enticing souls to linger with food, drink, and festivities. And enticed they will be by Head Chef Colin King’s creative takes on traditional dishes, featuring special dishes and drinks to die for.

This year, Oyamel will honor José Guadalupe Posada, a turn of the century artist and political cartoonist known for his satirical illustrations. Posada portrayed many poignant issues of his time and in particular the details of bourgeois life. In the same way that Posada’s work satirized his subjects, Oyamel’s culinary team, led by Head Chef Colin King, will create menu specials that take refined ingredients and reimagine them into traditional Mexican humble dishes. Featured dishes range from $10 to $20, and cocktail specials are priced from $11 to $13.

Day of the Dead Menu Specials
Caviar de Chapala – Caviar, cilantro, onion, Serrano chile and red tomato in a warm tortilla
Ostiones Pimentos – poached oysters served in its own shell with spices
Jaibas Rellenas – Stuffed crab shell topped with sea urchin butter
Chilorio Negro – Black mole with beef and season vegetables
Pato Frito en Chile Seco – Crispy duck confit with a salsa of Chihuatl Chiles
Sopa de Calabaza – Pumpkin soup

Day of the Dead Cocktail Specials
Atole Rico – A cold cocktail version of Atole, a traditional humble porridge Day of the Dead drink.
Las Calacas – Inspired by “las calacas”, the skeletal figurines that represent death that Posada became so famous for. The “white” of the coconut and the “black” of the chia seeds mimic the black and white drawings.

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