Día de los Muertos Chef's Experience Dinner Menu

October 26 & November 1 | 6:30 PM | $100, per person

Join Oyamel as we celebrate our annual Day of the Dead festival, honoring Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo, with an intimate dinner hosted by Head Chef Omar Rodriguez. For this special two-night event, Chef Rodriguez drew inspiration from Oaxaca, Tamayo’s birthplace, and pre-Columbian Mexico, creating a multi-course menu taking guests on a culinary journey through Mexico’s history. As you move through the menu, sip masterly crafted cocktails utilizing the finest agave spirits, each paired perfectly by Oyamel’s expert beverage team and Chef Rodriguez.

The Día de los Muertos Chef's Experience Dinner is a GENERAL ADMISSION dinner – tables will be communal and you will likely be seated with other guests from outside of your party.

Día de los Muertos Chef's Experience Dinner Menu

Molotes Oaxaquenos
Masa dumplings filled with chorizo and potatoes served with a spicy black bean sauce, Mexican crema, and a creamy salsa verde

Tortillas slathered with tomato salsa, filled with queso Oaxaca, and served with a fried egg

Barbacoa de Res
Beef cheek slow-cooked with chile ancho, guajillo, Morita, and avocado leaves with onion, cilantro, salsa verde, and a side of tortillas

Mole Amarillo
Oaxacan yellow mole with braised pork shank, green beans, chayote, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts

Creamy Oaxacan dessert made from ground corn and cream with a hibiscus caramel