Jun 10, 2019

Monarch Week

Monarch Week | June 10-16 

In Partnership with World Wildlife Fund

For the third consecutive year, Chef José Andrés and Oyamel have joined World Wildlife Fund’s Monarch Squad as Monarch Champions in an effort to bring awareness to the species’ dramatic population decline due to habitat loss in their migratory route in the U.S., and climate change.

Through this annual festival, we raise funds and awareness for monarch butterflies, whose role as pollinators is essential to the lands they inhabit and the farmers who depend upon it. 

On Monday, June 10, 10% of the purchase price of items ordered from the Hora Feliz and Monarch Week menus from 4-6 PM in the bar will be donated to WWF. Then, join us throughout the week to enjoy food and beverage specials, with 10% of the purchase price from each item on the special menu benefitting WWF.

Go to MonarchSquad.org to join WWF and learn more about how you can help monarch butterflies.

*Oyamel will be closed to the public for dinner on June 12th for Dine-N-Dash.